Donald Trump has become the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party, and his take no prisoners attitude and shockingly innate grasp of the political realities of the world have made him a favorite amongst the drooling, insolent rabble of the country. While anyone who has seen trump speak could easily guess his position on immigration or his relative penis size, no one really knows what a Trump presidency would actually look like. Luckily for us, the visionary writer Frank Herbert saw Trump coming way back in 1965, and painted a prophetic picture of Trump’s future political legacy in his epic sci-fi series Dune.

Herbert probably knew Trumps name at the time, though through fear of a financially crippling lawsuit, thought it wise to change it to Vladimir Harkonnen. The name was created by combining Trump’s political Idol Vladimir Putin, real estate giant HAR, and the German word konnen, meaning power.

Just look at the Harkonnen banner, created to represent two tufts of orange hair arranged haphazardly to cover a deeply receded hairline.


Vladimir Harkonnen was also known to be addicted to surgical cosmetic procedures, many of which would result in skin infections. This would explain the eerie orange chemical glow Trump’s skin gives off, as well as the way it is seems to be draped over his skull like a damp paper bag.


So what can Dune tell us about a trump presidency?  Here is a taste of Vladimir’s Leadership style as described by the Dune Wikia:

Vladimir built upon the earlier success of his predecessors, gradually making House Harkonnen more successful through blackmail, subterfuge and treachery.

The Baron recognized efficiency and talent in people, and he has shown remarkable insight in knowing people. In addition to sadistic homosexual tendencies, Vladimir Harkonnen also harbored destructive personal inclinations.

As a leader of a Major House, Vladimir proved to be incredibly cruel, earning House Harkonnen its notorious reputation. He had no qualms in using widespread torture, murder and slavery to maintain power. The cruelty also characterized the way House soldiers and administrators handle subordinates and prisoners. And though he was generally cunning, his arrogance and intense hatred of House Atreides (Mexico?) proved to be his un-doing.

Yikes. Just imagine him giving a military general instructions on how to deal with the rest of the world.


Or better yet, his first appearance at a UN meeting.

Hell, maybe that’s your thing, and I’ll be the first to admit it would be pretty amusing. But after the shock value wears off and the intolerant musings of a disturbed egomaniac become the norm from our national representative, the only thing we will have left to feel is shame and regret. So when election day rolls around, heed the warnings of Frank Herbert and remember, a vote for Trump is a vote for Harkonnen.

33 thoughts on “Trump revealed to be young Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

  1. And if you know how Vladimir got so ugly, he used to look more like Feyd-Rautha until his mistreated a certain Bene Gesserit, it all fits even better!

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    1. Caps lock is often used by poorly educated welfare recipients to disguise their ineptitude with punctuation. Nice try passing yourself off as a Trump supporter though. You’re probably Mexican.

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      1. You two Caucasoids should find a private battlefield to ‘hash out’ your Trump bromances without involving American human beings who care about the world and freedom.

        By seeking the aforementioned “Elysian Field” on which to wage your White Nationalist battle, you keep the ‘Trump funk and the ‘Harkonnen funk’ off the rest of us.

        It is bad enough we have to listen to the orange idiot.


    2. As a Welfare receipient, who Trump scares shitless, I would happily accept a position correcting your grammar.


    3. Shut the fuck up. You dot shit. I bet you re a racist backwards redneck piece of shit who doesnt understand policy and govt. Fucking sheep


  3. I think Trump is not your typical US Presidential candidate. Do you remember Gerald Ford? JFK? Trump was well along in 1965 when Dune was published. I mean, when did he start swinging through downtown New York? 1977? If Trump is reading this, when did you first see Dune? Are you too busy to watch Tron? Science Fiction, like Dune or Beyond Horizon by Robert A. Heinlein might be the perfect match for whatever Hillary was reading in ’65, Republican Overlord!


  4. Since when has a money-loving, arrogant, cowardly racist leader ever made life better for poor people? Name one leader like that in all of history and I will give you a prize : respect for your opinion! At the moment the situation looks like this: Trump’s followers are acting like fools and what he promises, they’re not going to get. The only thing they are getting through his campaign is validation for acting hateful. Can’t pay the bills with that, or feed your kids…

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    1. Fast? Ooh, big man. What about if want to get used to it slowly? What about by fits and starts? What about hoping that people are eventually going to see past the hatred, the jingoism and look at the situation with blinders off. Trump was born into privilege and what he has made of his life isn’t something to crow about, which he does constantly. If he was eight you would expect an adult to come along and correct his behavior instead you think you should vote for him to hold the most powerful job on the planet. You have a great president in Obama and you want to follow it up by voting for Trump?


  5. And this is why I go to work come home and smoke a bowl with my wife.. thank you guys for arguing about a fake post. I mean, yes. Hell I’m about halfway into finishing the second G, and what do I see?


  6. HAHAHA! Comparing Donald Trump to a character in a work of ‘FICTION’. ( you know, ‘fiction’ = not real) I’m going to LOVE him being President. The piece-of-shit that’s President now, has degraded and made America a “laughing-stock” to the rest of the world. Obummer is simply an embarrassment to this country. Stay in your “safe spaces” and “dream worlds” children. REAL life will eventually “slap you upside the head” and you’ll have to deal with REAL problems. I can’t wait for that to happen! 🙂 Have a pleasant life anyway. (If you’re able to.) 🙂


  7. “LEACH”? “…trump he us our only…”? “voteing”? Is every single pro-Trump comment here real or a trolling fake? @Daniel Patrick, @Grant, @Bob – every one a cliché of grammar and/or spelling errors. Guys, really, it makes a difference in the effectiveness of your argument. If people’s impression of Trump supporters is that they are ill-educated and easily duped, it just reinforces that idea when no one in that camp can even work at least spell-check.

    I understand. Really I do. Trump speaks to a part of you that hopes there could be someone, ANYONE, to stick up for the little guy, to return to “the way things used to be”, to change “business as usual” in D.C. and the perceived fall of the U.S. from greatness. And I know – I KNOW – there is no way I can sway you, here on some random website, from your current voting path. I am no fan of Hillary, BELIEVE ME, but please do yourself a favor and at least try to research the man and his long, sordid past, which has *everything* to do with self-enrichment and self-aggrandizment and *nothing* to do with bettering lives lives of working-class people, or really anyone who cannot benefit him.

    He ran his casino companies into bankruptcy four – FOUR! – times, taking money out each time he restructured the debt to richly reward himself, at the expense of not just big banks, but bondholders (i.e., individuals). He failed to make good on many, many of the bills for work done for these companies by small businesses. Trump University was a hot mess of high-pressure sales with little real training, certainly nothing resembling a “university”, where the administrators have admitted to bilking people out of money. He makes utterly false claims about his level of success and net worth – he admits that fully $3,000,000,000 of his supposed $8B personal wealth is simply the valuation he puts on his intangible Trump “brand”. And to put it plainly: he is flat-out lying about not being able to release his tax records – something *every* presidential candidate has done since the Nixon (NIXON!) Administration – because he is being audited; there is no such restriction by the IRS, and even if there were for years under audit, his tax years prior to 2010 are not under audit. He could release those in an hour, but he won’t because at the very least it would reveal the emperor has no clothes. The negotiating skills he has are based primarily on the idea that in conjunction with the fame his name carries, he’ll be able to make quick and substantial profits for himself and therefore the other parties will benefit; that has almost no bearing in global politics or even complex domestic agendas, where the principal goal is to find equitable solutions to problems, not short-term profit.

    I DO want someone who could change the way things work in the federal government; to shake things up, get them moving again, but Donald Trump ain’t that guy. He’s another dodgy, obfuscating, wealthy prick looking out for himself, and trying to bluff his way into the most powerful office in the world while not understanding how dangerously unqualified he is for it.

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